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Welcome to Bawsey Country Park

The country park located in Bawsey, just outside Kings Lynn, Norfolk, is set amongst acres of beautiful nature. Based around the flooded former sand quarries the site boasts 2 large lake (swimming NOT permitted) and miles of country walks.
The park is in the early stages of a vast array of improvements and this site will in time become the hub for information, events and special offers - until then please use the menu to find out a bit more information.
In the interests of public safety and crime prevention overt and covert CCTV operates through the car park and building areas. Images will be recorded and may be handed to the police or used in prosecution. The use of offroad vehicles is NOT permitted anywhere on the park. The use of such vehicles will result in the police being called. DO NOT TAKE ANY VEHICLES OUT OF THE PARKING AREA AT ANY TIME - YOU MAY BE BANNED FROM SITE. The roadways throughout the site are for emergency vehicles and pedestrians.

Visiting the Park

Visiting the Park

The park is located on the B1145 between Queen Elizabeth hospital and Leziate. Post code for Sat Nav : PE32 1EP - Please pay attention to the road. It is very important that vehicles are parked in the car park only. The B1145 is a clearway and the council often issue Penalty Charge Notices here. Likewise parking in the gateway caused an obstruction and danger to other park visitors and you are liable to be issued a parking charge notice.
There is a pay and display machine in the car park close to the large green container - The pay and display machine accepts coin, card and contactless. PLEASE ensure you enter your vehicles FULL registration to avoid a parking charge being issued by Parking and Security Solutions Ltd.

If you recieve a parking charge Bawsey Country Park cannot assist you. You should email contact@parkingandsecurity.co.uk.

From Kings Lynn:Come onto the B1145 from the QE hospital roundabout. You will pass Innesfree Homes, Baco Compak and the Sandbouy pub on your left. You will then see a filter lane in the middle of the road as you approach the top of the hill. This is the entrance to the car park.
From Leziate/Norwich:Once you are on the B1145 you will pass "Brow of the hill" road on your left, You will go down a dip in the road with a bus stop on your left. Shortly after this you will see a set of double gates on your left hand side - this is the entrance to the park.
The Parking tariffs and site rules are as below:

Things to do

Things to do at Bawsey Country Park

The park is set amongst acres of woodland, hills and lakes adorned with beautiful golden sandy beaches so naturally the first thing to do is enjoy the scenery away from the hustle and bustle of the urban metropolis.
Please remember swimming in the lakes is NOT PERMITTED. Dogs must be kept under control and music should be at a respectful volume and not contain foul language other guests may find offensive - you may be asked to leave.

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